EuroChem CupEventsSport Objects 22.06.2020

Do you know when the day of the icemaker is celebrated?

It is celebrated on January 16th. All workers of ice arenas are related to this holiday. It does not matter if they work in huge complexes or fill amateur children's skating rinks. The birthday of the American inventor Frank Zamboni was chosen as the date of the holiday.

In 1940, together with his cousin Pete Zamboni, he opened the Icelandic ice rink, which proved to be very popular because Frank invented a way to eliminate the ripples caused by the pipes that were installed to keep the ice rink frozen. He received a patent for this innovation in 1946. Then, in 1949, he invented a machine that transformed the work of restoring the ice rink from five people and 90 minutes to one person and 15 minutes of work.

This year, as we wrote a few days ago an innovation appeared in the ice palace "Yubileyniy" in the capital of EuroChem Cup. The company Polyplast funded the appearance of the water treatment system using reverse osmosis technology. From now on, ice will be filled with very clean water, which will positively affect the quality of ice. So in Novomoskovsk, a professional holiday - the Day of Icemaker, will be celebrated "fully equipped" on January 16.

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