EuroChem CupEventsSport Objects 18.04.2022

Figure skaters from Kingisepp showed off their skills at a creative evening on ice

In April, a very beautiful and spectacular show took place on the ice of the Olimp Arena: several groups - the Olimp Ice Theater under the direction of Alexandra Grigorieva, the Orion Constellation Ice Sports Ballet dance group (headed by Galina Belyaeva) and the figure skating section “Skater" (coach - Ekaterina Astapova), combined preliminary ice performances .

It turned out to be a real ice show: the colorful bright costumes of the skaters and the well-thought-out sequence of the athletes, entering the ice, created a wonderful and integral performance, a small holiday of figure skating.

The Olympus Theater on Ice also showed two performances: “The Figure Skater and the Hockey Player” and a trial run of the performance for May 9, dedicated to the memory of the heroic pages of our history.

The organizers of the creative evening were the sports club of figure skating "Orion" (St. Petersburg) and the Ice Arena "Olimp".