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How figure skating develops in "Olympus" ( Kingisepp)

Recently, the correspondents of the “Vostochny Bereg weekly” visited the Sunday lesson of the figure skating group, which has been working since the opening of the Olimp ice arena in 2015 under the guidance of coach Ekaterina Astapova.

Here is what the publication writes about the figure skating section:

“Children are skating in half of the ice field. There are three groups at the same time: beginners, just mastering the basics of ice skating; middle group, mastering the initial elements (sliding, turns); and advanced, in which young athletes already work out the elements of the future performance. From time to time Ekaterina Arkadyevna comes up to one or the other figure skater, shows and corrects her movements, encourages the girls.

Coach Ekaterina Astapova also spoke about her work:

“At first, everyone comes to the figure skating group to practice just for health, they say:“ We just want to learn to skate ”. Some remain at this level, skate “for themselves,” although they progress, but there are talented children, who, as they say, are “given”, they seem to be able to skate by themselves. These children can already somehow be promoted into sports, help them rise above the amateur level.

One workout is an hour of "ice" and forty-five minutes of work in the gym, where either general physical training (general physical training), or stretching, or special jumping training take place. I come to Kingisepp three times a week (on Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday), but this alone is too little for the pupils to skate at a high level. To compete successfully, it was necessary to come up with something, and in the second year of work I decided that we could "double" our workouts, that is, now we skate for two hours: in the first hour we practice sliding, in the second hour we work on the elements. My scheme worked and gave positive results. This is what the girls do and it helped them to get sports categories. Such training allows them to keep at the level at which they can confidently enter the competition, move on and pass the standards for the next categories. Before the competition, we, of course, skate additionally, organize additional rides, but today everything went on as usual: the children worked on the elements that were previously planned for our training. "

The pupils of figure skating of the city of Kingisepp plan to go to the next qualification only after the new year, and the competitions of the festival plan will have to take place on December 10. So far, two athletes are planned to perform at them, who will prepare for passing the standard "Young skater" (this is the last children's category, then there are three youth categories, three sports, a candidate for master of sports and a master of sports)."