EuroChem CupEventsSport Objects 17.06.2022

The HUSKY team became the winner of the June hockey tournament

As summer approaches its middle and warm days fly by one after another, it's time to remember how the 2021-22 hockey season ended. In the Ice Palace of Nevinnomyssk, for example, in early June, a hockey tournament among children's teams born in 2007 and younger, dedicated to the Day of Russia, took place.

Five teams from five cities took part in the competition. These are HC "Iceberg" from the city of Goryachiy Klyuch, HC "61 Regions", the city of Aksai, HC "Albatros", the city of Albatros, HC "Typhoon", the city of Stavropol and HC "Husky", the city of Nevinnomyssk.

According to the results of the tournament, the guys from the Husky team became the winners. The silver medalist of the competition is the Iceberg team. And the cup for the third place was taken to Stavropol by the "Typhoon" team.

It should be added that the best players were also determined during the tournament. So, the title of "Best scorer" went to Mark Dishkavtsov from the "Husky" team.

Well done boys! Keep it up!