EuroChem CupEventsSport Objects 06.04.2022

The Husky team from Nevinnomyssk became the gold medalist at the tournament among young hockey players born in 2016

In the sports school for winter sports in the city of Nevinnomyssk, an open hockey tournament among children's teams born in 2016 and younger ended in March. Teams met on the ice:

- "Husky", the city of Nevinnomyssk,

- "Heritage", the city of Essentuki,

- "Union", the city of Stavropol,

- "Soyuz 2", the city of Stavropol,

- "Tigers", the city of Budyonnovsk,

- "Victoria", the city of Stavropol.

This is the first tournament for very young, but very determined hockey players. The matches were played in an unusual format: the games were played on half of the hockey rink. But what an advantage for the fans, who were able to follow two fights at once!

By the way, such a system for children optimizes physical activity in accordance with the age of young hockey players. In addition, it helps to pay more attention to hockey: technique and possession of a stick, and not just skating.

As a result, the Husky team from Nevinnomyssk under the guidance of coach Airat Kudayarov became the winner of the tournament.

The silver medalists were the guys from the Heritage team (Essentuki, coach Yury Smokotin).

Bronze - the team "Victoria" from Stavropol (coach Evgeny Tsvetkov).

And the title of "Best Forward" according to the results of the competition went to the hockey player from the Husky team Kirill Bratkov.