EuroChem CupEventsSport Objects 18.01.2020

Who won the EuroChem 2019 fan club competition

For seven years, the small European championship has been held in Novomoskovsk, and now it is a small world championship. This, of course, is an international tournament for the EuroChem company cup. For Novomoskovsk - this is definitely the event of the year. And several years ago a proposal from the organisers of the tournament was put forward to hold a competition of fan clubs.
At first, it was perceived quite calmly, but later on the competition began to take on the size of a big holiday. And now almost all Novomoskovsk schools take part in this fan contest, under the auspices of the EuroChem company, which provides winners with magnificent souvenirs.
In addition to the fact that children communicate with each other, they prepare performances for guests from other countries taking into account their mentality, studying the culture of these peoples, customs, traditions. Germany, Finland, USA, Switzerland, in 2019 - China, a number of other countries ... And for the Novomoskovsk school number 9, the city of Mannheim (Germany) has already become almost like a twin city. The school is always happy to see German hockey players and they also know that their team has the most dedicated fans. With all countries, including the new participants (Italy and China), there is a common contact, mutual support. As one of the EuroChem Cup organizers Igor Trenikhin points out, all participants are our teams, in the full sense of the word. And this is of great importance for the tournament!
It is also important to note that no one feels all the difficulties that occur in the world of politics at our tournament! Everyone has equal relations and a friendly atmosphere with all the participants, and most importantly, all this,on the whole, is a magnificent holiday of sports, which EuroChem pursues when organizing the tournament. This is just great!

Igor Trenikhin:
- Last year, in the competition of fan clubs, the support team from the Lyceum managed to charm everyone, including their team from Italy, so that they won first place. In the second place is our old-timer: the team that has been the leader for a long time is school number 2, which supported the team from Belgium. And in 2019, an unprecedented decision was also made to award three teams for third place at once, due to the fact that the intensity of the competition among the fans was just huge, there were a lot of good performances, all the guys did their best. So, the third place was shared among the fans of school No. 14, who supported the team from China; School of Managers' fans who supported the US team; and fans of school number 6, who supported the team from Kovdor.