EuroChem CupEventsSport Objects 04.04.2022

An unusual hockey match in Tula and the closing ceremony of the "Golden Puck"

In late March, the Tula Ice Palace hosted a gala match between children's backyard hockey teams and the Mikhailov Academy Youth Hockey League team, as well as the closing ceremony of the regional stage of the All-Russian competition of the Golden Puck club for young hockey players.

* * *

In the regional stage of the All-Russian competition for young hockey players "Golden Puck" in the season 2021-2022, 32 teams took part in three age groups. It should be emphasized that last year there were 19 participating teams, which indicates a growing interest in hockey among the younger generation.

The closing ceremony began with the presentation of valuable prizes in the nominations "Best Goalkeeper", "Best Defender" and "Best Player".

Then there was an award at the end of the season of the regional stage of the All-Russian competition of the club of young hockey players "Golden Puck".


- 1st place in the junior age group was taken by the Tigers 2012 team from the city of Tula.

- 1st place" in the middle age group went to the team "Victoria" from Novomoskovsk. By the way, this was the name of the hockey club, which was formed in Novomoskovsk in 2011, when the Yubileiny Ice Palace was built. Under this name, young hockey players performed at the EuroChem Cup for several years.

- 1st place in the senior age group was also won by hockey players from Novomoskovsk "Victoria".

We join in the congratulations for the winners and wish you continued success!