EuroChem CupEventsSport Objects 16.12.2022

Nevinnomyssk figure skaters - at the First Volunteer Ball

The Volunteer Ball is a large-scale sports and cultural event on the ice in the format of a light and music ice show, which took place on December 15 in the city of Stavropol on the basis of the Victoria ice rink. The synchronized skating team "Sky Grace" of the city of Nevinnomyssk took part in it.

The event was attended by student couples representing young volunteers of educational institutions, athletes and figure skating enthusiasts of all ages. Children from the category of socially unprotected segments of the population from the members of the Union of Orthodox Women of Stavropol were attracted to participate in the Volunteer Ice Ball, who, with the support of student volunteers, were trained in the basics of figure skating.

The decoration of the ball was a bright demonstration performance of the Sky Grace team from Nevinnomyssk. Their emotional, bewitching performance touched the soul of every viewer.

The Nevinnomyssk synchronized skating team is the only one in the Stavropol Territory, the official community of the Olimpiysky Ice Palace reports on social networks. And for the high level of training - special thanks to the coach Marina Nesterova.