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The first pupil of Novomoskovsk hockey has grown to the national team!

Back in 2011, after EuroChem opened the Yubileiny Ice Palace in Novomoskovsk, when the Children's and Youth Sports School was just being created, a goalkeeper Pyotr Andreyanov, born in 2007, made his debut in the team.

Since then, Peter, together with the Novomoskovsk team, has gone through nine seasons. Since the 2011/2012 season, the young goalkeeper has played seven seasons in the team of the Novomoskovsk Victoria, then one season in 2018/2019 in the established NHC, and played one season in the Mikhailov Academy (2019/2020).

In 2020, the goalkeeper moved to the CSKA system, where he still plays.

Well, now Pyotr Andreyanov has reached a great height in hockey for his age. He is now the goalkeeper of the Russian U-16 team!

Thus, Petr Andreyanov is the first pupil of the Novomoskovsk Children's and Youth Sports School, who has grown to the team system of the national team!

And this is what we thought about it: Petr Andreyanov is one of the few hockey players who personally attended all the tournaments of the EuroChem International Ice Hockey Cup among juniors! Not to mention the fact that Petr was also a direct participant in the EuroChem Cup.

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