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The Russian ambassador to the United States answered the question about "hockey diplomacy" on the example of the EuroChem Cup

Ambassador Antonov has expressed his support for the proposal to develop bilateral relations through ‘hockey diplomacy,’ put forward by the US Ambassador to Russia John Sullivan.
"We support any initiative to develop interstate contacts, between official representatives and agencies, between public organizations and between citizens of our states," the Russian ambassador said.
Antonov said that three years ago, Russia invited US teams to participate in an international children’s EuroChem Cup tournament in the central Russian town of Novomoskovsk (Tula Region).
"And we noticed that this had indeed produced results: children, their parents and fans have found new friends in Russia and discovered our country," he continued.
"We can only wish success to Sullivan and confirm that ‘hockey diplomacy’ really works, just like any other sort of diplomacy aimed at producing a positive and mutually beneficial result," the diplomat added.

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