EuroChem CupEventsSport Objects 24.09.2020

EuroChem mini-football Cup ended in Novomoskovsk

As part of the School Sports League, such competitions are held in Novomoskovsk for the eleventh time (even more than the EuroChem Cup in ice hockey), at the initiative of the Novomoskovsk enterprise of EuroChem - NSC Azot.

Igor Trenikhin, a football coach in the town, famous in the hockey community,and the referee of the mini-football competition for the EuroChem Cup, said that 17 school teams took part in the tournament. Each participating team, regardless of the place occupied, was awarded gifts and certificates.

“This year it was extremely difficult to organize the competition,” says Igor Trenikhin. “There were great concerns among the heads of educational institutions in terms of the participation of schoolchildren because of the pandemic. But the way the children wanted to hold the competition was beyond words. Even the bad weather, even the cold could not stop them."

The competition was held at four sites in the town of Novomoskovsk: the Miner stadium in the Sokolniki microdistrict, school No. 12, the stadium "Education Center No. 9" and the Gips stadium.

The final part of the tournament was held according to the Olympic system, and a number of sensations occurred as a result of the competition. Costant favorites - football players from school # 9 and # 14, who previously achieved excellent results, did not even leave the groups. Four teams fought in the final. This is "Education Center No. 1", which is a complete sensation according to Igor Trenikhin. As a result, they became the fourth. It is also school # 20, which took the third place.

In the finals, children from schools # 12 and # 18 fought for 1-2 places. As a result, despite the fact that the athletes from the 18th school did not have many chances, and played a lot in defense, they beat their rivals with a score of 4-2.

All participants received medals, the winners - the EuroChem Cup. But most importantly, everyone understood that September was a full-fledged academic month, although many were skeptical that learning would again become remote.


- The winners of this tournament had the opportunity to represent our town at the All-Russian tournament "Street Beauty", which the organizers plan to hold in 2020.

- In 2018, the footballers of school # 9 took the second place at the "Street Beauty" tournament in Sochi, and a great prize: a modern workout area. It was installed in the school stadium.