EuroChem CupEventsSport Objects 06.03.2018

Draw of the teams for EuroChem Cup 2018

On March 5 2018 at the ice palace “Yubileyniy” in Novomoskovsk there was a draw of the sixth international children’s hockey tournament EuroChem Cup 2018. It was tradionally held by the head of Novomoskovsk administration Vadim Zherzdev and the Executive Director of JSC “NSC Azot” Alexander Savenkov.

Twelve teams from eight countries will take part in the tournament. They will be divided into four groups, three teams in each. This year there will be two new teams at the tournament “Severstal” from Tcherepovets and the team from Albany, New York state, The USA. The teams from Finland, Switzerland, Germany, Belgium, Lithuania and Estonia will also come to the tournament.

Vadim Zherzdev pointed out in his speech: “We are going to host this great International tournament EuroChem Cup for the 6th time. Now we can proudly say that this is children’s World Cup. Look at the geography of the tournament: Europe, Russia, America. This tournament is a holiday for us because it happens on the same day as town’s Birthday. We are not going to break the traditions, so young hockey players before 12 years old will be playing at the tournament. The new thing is that this year the matches will take place on two arenas at the same time. We cannot imagine our town without this tournament!

According to the results of the draw, the teams “Espoo” from Finland, “”Severstal” from Tcherepovets and “Albany” from the state of New York will be in Group A. In group B there will be the hosts of the tournament “Victoria” Novomoskovsk together with the teams from Belgium and Nevinnimyssk. Group C will be represented by the teams from Germany, Lithuania, and Switzerland. The teams from Estonia, Kingisepp and Kovdor will play in group D.

The tournament will be held from May 26 to May 30 in Novomoskovsk.